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Equity for CTO in Startup
15 November, 2023
Equity for Chief Technology Officer (CTO) in Startup

Most startups have different considerations, and their center of growth, and at the heart of every aspiring startup sits the need for innovation. But to meet the innovation standards for most startups, there's a great need for a Chief Technology Officer (CTO). Each employee's contribution level often determines startup stock shares: senior programmers are willing…

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How to Find a CTO for Startup
6 November, 2023
How to Find a CTO for a Startup in 2023

In the ever-evolving business landscape, the Chief Technology Officer (CTO) position is relatively new but a pivotal addition. Many are yet to understand the role the person plays. What blend of experience and expertise is…

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CTO as a Service
31 October, 2023
The CTO as a Service : Costs and Benefits 2023

Every business looks forward to remaining ahead of the curve even in the increasingly competitive world. Achieving business success and staying ahead of the curve, however, requires a strategic approach that incorporates the use of…

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