What is Alfresco?

Alfresco is an Enterprise Content Management System (ECMS) providing a host of features- Document Management, records management, web content management, media management with imaging capabilities, etc. It is a cloud-connected open source business critical content platform providing tablet and mobile workplace, and APIs for content-centric applications. Alfresco as an ECMS is an effective way of knowledge management using collaboration

The Alfresco advantage

Alfresco is an open source code and needs support and maintenance expenses only. Unlike other commercial Content management platforms, Alfresco follows a simple content sharing model. By storing documents on a shared network, Alfresco eliminates the need of any special software. It’s Intelligent Virtual File System can be used as a shared drive using CIFS, WebDAV or FTP. The product supports search functionality using search (Like Google) and Folder browsing (like Yahoo).

Alfresco also uses lightweight integration, mash-ups and scripting to enable users to integrate the application with their own systems. This reduces redundancy and saves time, effort and money and enhances productivity.

Alfresco Development Services at Aalpha

At Aalpha India, we have a team of Alfresco certified professionals with expertise in developing Alfresco development services/ solutions aligned to clients requirements while using the latest Alfresco content management methods and tools. Our in-depth expertise in Alfresco ECM framework helps us develop best in class business solutions for customers worldwide using integration of Alfresco framework with other frameworks. We have hands- on experience across Alfresco technologies like AJAX, JSON, custom share dash-lets, free marker, web scripts, custom workflows, explorer dialogues and custom content rules. Our team has been involved with Alfresco enhancement since its early releases and have successfully completed certain enterprise level Alfresco customization projects. This coupled with our expertise in Open Source technology proves helpful in seamless implementation of Alfresco ECM across businesses.

Aalpha also provides the complete range of support and consultancy services for Alfresco including deployment, implementation, support, evaluation and assessment, implementing key business processes etc.

Our offerings in Alfresco development services includes the following:

  • Development and designing of website themes and templates
  • Development of custom web parts
  • Document Tagging
  • Tag Cloud creation based on search hits
  • Customized rules and validation integration on Alfresco platform
  • Backup process scheduler
  • Custom alert system on data activity
  • Data Analysis Reports
  • Integration with MS Navision ERP
  • Wizard driven Import facilities on Alfresco
  • Samba Configuration for bulk data upload
  • Additional user management over Alfresco policies
  • Data categorization on various filters
  • Business centric applications
  • Design and development of custom workflows
  • Design and creation of custom security providers and authentication models
  • Alfresco Migration
  • Architectural or feasibility consultation
  • Customizations
  • Integration to other enterprise applications
  • On-going Support and Enhancement
  • Enterprise Content Management Conceptualization
  • Alfresco Document Management Repository
  • ECM Implementation Roadmap
  • Some examples of solutions we developed using Alfresco are:

To summarize our services in Alfresco Development Services includes:

  • Workflow based Knowledge Management Platform
  • Calendar Applications
  • Integration of Portal Frameworks with Alfresco
  • Search Engine Integration with Alfresco
  • REST Service based framework on Alfresco
  • Alfresco Support

With Alfresco content management systems, security is enforced on important content with configurable profiles access control functionality. User and group permissions can be controlled for read/write/modify rights. Audit trail for version history, modifying user and provision to roll back to previous versions is also supported in Alfresco. Unauthorized access is hence, eliminated by control over the content and its access.

By organizing content across sites and folders, access to critical information becomes simple. Powerful search helps find key information within fraction of seconds. This is further simplified with filters and tags which reduce the number of results, that is, documents returned, making it easier and faster to reach the right document. Flexible document models allow users to understand the type and kind of file – brochure, legal contract, invoice, report or purchase etc. along with the associated details- purpose, date created, customer associated, POC etc.

Get in touch with Aalpha India for the latest Alfrescro technology based solutions, coming directly from the powerhouse of Alfresco certified and highly skilled programmers and developers who have diverse experience in working on such projects.

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