Tips for Better Search Results

Valuable Tips for Getting Better Search Results

You probably must have used Google today, right? The use of Google and different such engines is commonplace, and everyone has their reasons for reliance on the engines. Using services from Google and other platforms will require you to perform some searches. But searching is often trickier, especially when you do not find the exact thing you are searching for from Google or any other search engine. Searching quickly and getting better search results gives you the urge to use google more and more and perhaps effectively. Otherwise, you will find Google exhausting because you’ll keep scrolling page after page, desiring to get what you may even fail to achieve at last. For this reason, this piece helps you with tactics or tips to help you experience a sweet and smooth search process while using different search engines. The following tricks will help you gather relevant and compelling content according to your desire, ensuring search efficiency.

Tips for Getting Better Search Results 

The use of tabs

Before getting into any other mode of searching, it is crucial to realize the use of tabs in enhancing your search over different search engines. When searching, you will always see a variety of tabs, and such tabs hold additional content. The content covered within the tabs includes images, web, and more. You can always go for the tabs if you need to perform a specified search. You can always depend on the tabs as a guide. For instance, if you want to search a given image, you can always navigate to the Image tab and get a more comprehensive list of specific ideas to notice the exact image you want. If your search has more specificity on the news, you can navigate to the news tab, click it and search the specific information of your desire. It is one of the typical tips most people use. Otherwise, a good percentage also assumes the importance of tabs in helping attain exact searches.

The use of quotes

Quotes help you land more specific searches. Therefore, if you opt to use quotes, you will possibly minimize Google guesswork’s ability to light what you want. Thus, if you are searching a given thing perhaps from your specification area, surround it with quotes and give Google an implication or alert to search the phrases wholly. Surrounding search parameters with quotes lets Google understand that the search is more specific, and therefore Google will minimize its investigation to the exact words you typed. Here, there are two advantages to gain. First, the search engine will reduce its search content, and therefore, you will get the results faster and easier. Secondly, the use of quotes means you’ll get specific results, and therefore, there will be no more content that’s different from what you wanted to get.

The use of a colon to search for specific sites.

At times, getting to specific sites over Google or any search engines can be tiring and tricky. Also, googling for particular content or articles over sites can be tricky if you have no mastery of navigating the internet. The use of the colon is among the most straightforward options that will always land you to appropriate destinations of sites and specific articles. Therefore, you can always make it a norm to use colons and land on certain content in your searches.

The use of the asterisk wildcard

Wildcards also play a crucial role in enhancing your search results. More specifically, the asterisk is always an essential element that ensures that you get what you want. The working behind the asterisk wildcard in searches is that the asterisk leaves a placeholder that the search engine uses to fill up at later stages. Asterisks are a better option, especially when you are trying to find the lyrics of a song or when you are trying to google a piece of music you do not have much awareness of. Add the asterisk wildcard between the terms you understand within the song and let google do the rest for you.

Hyphenation to exclude certain words

Hyphens can also support more direct and faster search results. Hyphenation comes in handy when searching for words that have ambiguous meanings. With ambiguity, you will not possibly get what you exactly want. Countering such problems call for the use of hyphens to separate words. When using hyphens, you will tell Google to omit one word and focus on another. For instance, from the word Ford-cars, Google will mainly maximize the search on Ford while overlooking cars. Therefore, if you want a result with much specificity, consider starting it before separating it from the corresponding word by a hyphen.

The use of Google search to perform calculations

Do you know you can always perform your mathematical calculations through Google? Google comes with a Google search feature to perform simple to complex mathematics. Google’s feature takes different approaches and could be a little resourceful. However, Google search cannot solve most mathematical problems, but it will essentially help you on most occasions. More importantly, it will come up with handy information to help you solve most of the tasks it may not solve for you. You can always use this feature exhaustively and advance your ability to enhance your mathematical skillset.

Search for a variety of words at ago

Have you ever thought of searching for multiple words ago? While it can seem to bring conflicting results, it is essential to understand that searching various terms at the same time will help you quickly reach whatever you want precisely. Google allows the search of multiple words courtesy of its flexibility. The feature enables a narrow investigation of whatever you want, and therefore, you will always land what you are searching for exactly. You can use keywords such as OR to separate the different words. Remember, you can also incorporate quotes to achieve everything in specificity.

Use sites with close similarity to other sites

Another crucial tip to smoothen your search over search engines is using close similarity sites. Mostly, we spend time on websites that may end up boring. If you want a related place that will give you relevant results, you can always use the keyword related accompanied by a colon and the link of the boring site you are navigating. The outcome will always link to locations that provide similar content appropriate for you.

Searching for a range of numbers

The use of search through a range of numbers is not commonplace among surfers. Only a few people have realized the criticality of this trick in achieving the best and exact outcomes. However, the tip may not be helpful to everyone. Mostly, statisticians and those interested in numbers will always benefit from this trick. The use of dots and numbers is commonplace when looking for a specific range of numbers. For instance, in establishing the degree of years in which a given event occurred, you can always apply this trick as long as you understand the start or end of the event.


At times, simplicity is the key to achieving the best outcomes out of a given search. With Google, you can get more specific content from different results. With simplicity, here we mean that you can always avoid more specificity because Google understands how to perform searches properly.

The gradual addition of search terms

When you google something, you get results different from whatever you want. If you perform searches severally without getting the content you desire, you should now avoid keeping it simple. Instead, you can act a gradual addition of terms through Google suggestions. To achieve more crucial and specific outcomes, you start by googling simply and gradually head to something specific or perhaps complex. Going from simple to difficult ensures gradual refining of the results right from whatever you search. In the end, you will achieve more targeted outcomes. In this approach, you don’t land on the answers directly; instead, you move from one effect or result to another refined one.

Adopt the usage of words shared with most website

More often, websites have specific words common to them. When hunting the web over Google, you can always reach it by searching for its related or common words. Therefore, it is crucial to avoid using words that are common to us when searching but instead, always use words that are common to the given website you want to gather their content. Using website content is essential because most websites don’t use the language the users love.

Adopt the usage of essential words only

Since you want to achieve more specific and actual results, it would help if you only used specific terms when perfuming searches. You must avoid using very many words at ago. The use of many words in your search will always limit your results. The solution to this could be to use only essential terms more specific to what you want to get as an outcome. Using many non-important words will always hinder the search speed and shut you out from other crucial results. The use of essential words will direct Google to bring the results you want without clutter in your results.


Getting better search results is always the goal of every Google user. Many tips will guide you through exact searches even as you surf and google stuff online. Other crucial information that will help you include Google search shortcuts and descriptive results.

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Written by:

Muzammil K

Muzammil K is the Marketing Manager at Aalpha Information Systems, where he leads marketing efforts to drive business growth. With a passion for marketing strategy and a commitment to results, he's dedicated to helping the company succeed in the ever-changing digital landscape.

Muzammil K is the Marketing Manager at Aalpha Information Systems, where he leads marketing efforts to drive business growth. With a passion for marketing strategy and a commitment to results, he's dedicated to helping the company succeed in the ever-changing digital landscape.