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Blockchain Game Development Guide : Cost & Benefits

The world is growing tech-wise, and there is no better season to venture into the market of developing blockchain games. In this new era of tech, developers have a proper understanding of the potential value in the blockchain space, hence the significant venture into blockchain development services, including blockchain game development. Statistically, with a $4.6 billion market measure as of 2022, the global market for blockchain games is anticipated to hit $65.7 billion in four years at a CAGR of 70.3%. Therefore, many companies look forward to developing more fantastic initiatives to fund and support aspiring blockchain game developers. As a result, the mainstream adoption of blockchain gaming will continue attracting millions and millions of users.

Why Blockchain in Games?

With Blockchain in gaming, gamers, companies, and even developers have higher expectations that the blockchain gaming industry will have a higher level of security and thus create a high level of customer trust and better user and gaming experiences. It is a promising area in the game development space. With the need to achieve all these through blockchain game development, it is essential to focus on understanding its principles, which will drive you into the actual blockchain game development. A wide range of games is already developed, such as CryptoKitties, which allows gamers to buy and auction cats. Such games have proved to be great, thus generating a greater level of attraction from gamers.

Understanding Blockchain game development 

With the popularity of blockchain game development rising to greater levels, it is essential to understand how you can build a blockchain game, how the games differ from other common ones, the development costs involved in developing such games, and the associated benefits. Therefore, if you are considering the blockchain game development market, this article will guide you.

Traditional games and Blockchain games difference

The uniqueness of Blochain games lies in its use of tokens that serve as a virtual currency. With traditional games, you’d rarely or won’t encounter anything related to using tokens. The provision of tokenization to serve as a virtual currency in blockchain games allows customers to transfer, sell, or purchase them without the direct or indirect involvement of the service provider. Therefore, the service is solely independent, hence the increased security involved. Blockchain games are unique enough to provide a greater degree of transparency and security as opposed to their traditional counterparts. Blockchain gaming is also full of decentralization technologies and has various benefits that allow players to earn crypto coins while entertaining themselves.  Just keep in mind that some countries consider either in-game currency or non-fungible tokens to be subject to crypto tax.

The Benefits of Blockchain Games for Developers and Players

As stated, Blockchain game development comes with various advantages to leverage. As a Blockchain game developer, you will enjoy the following wide range of benefits:

  • Digital Ownership

With Blockchain gaming comes the unique feature where players have access and full ownership of assets in the blockchain games. Therefore, it means that the players have total control over their assets, and no one can manipulate or take them away without their consent. As a gamer, you will have access to tangible assets and funds.

  • A wide range of growth opportunities

Crypto-gaming is among the most significant technologies taking over the gaming industry, and with it comes a wide range of growth opportunities for developers. Therefore, most companies realize the technology’s essence and invest heavily in game development. Doing so comes with multiple growth opportunities while increasing the potential for better market shares.

  • Greater levels of transparency

With Blockchain technology comes higher levels of transparency in digital transactions. Therefore, there is also transparency involved in blockchain games. It allows players to have access to all the involved transactions, which increases the level of trust in such games. There is no chance for modification or manipulation as public verification processes are always involved.

  • Security and user-friendly experiences

The security involved with blockchain-developed games is top-notch. With that, there is a high degree of provision of better and more user-friendly experiences. Gamers passionate about technology will always be concerned about learning and experiencing the best designs from blockchain games.

  • Proper data encryption 

With Blockchain comes sophisticated approaches for securing crypto tokens during usage and storage. Therefore, with the technology, security is highly guaranteed; thus, developers do not have to worry about hacking risks. Also, the decentralized blockchain networks provide for proper data storage, thus thwarting hackers.

The Blockchain Game Development Processes – A Step-by-step Guide

With an understanding of Blockchain and Blockchain development fundamentals, it is time to dive into the entire process and understand each stage involved. With Blockchain Game development comes the first thorough market analysis process. First, you need to identify the topic and niche of the Blockchain game you need to develop. Exploring all the benefits of developing the chosen game before proceeding to the actual blockchain game development is also good. Let’s explore the first to the last stage of developing a blockchain game.

developing a blockchain game

  • Crypto Gaming Market Analysis and Research

While Blockchain gaming is a new technological idea quickly taking over the market, you don’t have to worry about getting started with your market research. There are already other available Blockchain games that you can use to conduct market research. These games include CropBytes, Merge Cats, and Reality Clash. When it comes to developing your proposed Blockchain games, you have to thoroughly explore such available games to understand their features, functionalities, benefits, and implementations. Doing so gives you insight and ideas to help you implement productive features in your proposed Blockchain game.

It is also essential that you explore the strengths and weaknesses involved for already released Blockchain games while understanding the potential gaps. Doing so helps you build a Blockchain game that addresses the available gaps while enhancing existing strengths.

  • Identifying the proper Blockchain Infrastructure

After a thorough market analysis, it is time that you identify the Blockchain game development infrastructure and resources. You should always choose a proper Blockchain game development platform as well as blockchain programming languages. Among the best platforms you can consider for the development process is Ethereum. The platform is reliable with high security and user-friendliness, thus providing an environment for building the best blockchain gaming experience. Another option to consider is Corda, which has various benefits such as security, flexibility, and simplicity. If you’re interested in tracking the value of Ethereum in terms of USD, you can explore tools that provide information on eth to usd conversion rates.

  • Choosing a Software Development Kit (SDK) 

Identifying a proper Software Development Kit for your Blockchain game development project is an important step. With a proper SDK, you can be sure to access the right resources and tools that will power the development of your Blockchain game from scratch. With such an approach to building your game in a proper SDK, you can enjoy seamless integration of your game in varied development or execution environments. With Software Development Kits, developers will spend less time while accessing each resource at their disposal.

  • Developing the Blockchain Game from Scratch

Once all the previous stages are okay, you can start the development process from scratch. But before that, investing and immersing yourself among experienced game developers with a great mastery of blockchain game development is essential. Afterward, you can sign up for an account on the chosen development platforms. Have all your tools and resources at hand and commence the development. After development, ensure to test your game with the public before launch. Also, be sure to source help and advice from Blockchain game development experts to verify the entire process and actualize your project.

Blockchain Game Development Costs

It is always healthy to understand that costs vary and that a blockchain game development process has no fixed price tag. The blockchain game development costs highly rely on a particular game’s features, complexity, functionalities, and associated elements. The location of development teams could also highly impact the final quote for the Blockchain Game development project.

However, even with the variation in blockchain development costs, it is essential to understand that the minimum cost should be approximately $25,000. Game features can impact the final cost in different ways. For instance, incorporating the smart contract functionalities could cost up to $10,000, NFT minting will call for $5,000, and up to $12,500 for user registration and secure authentication, among others.


Blockchain game development is a better option to invest in since it’s a new technology trend that’s growing speedily in the market thanks to its high levels of transparency, trust, and security. Even with some complexity, you can explore the fundamentals of building proper blockchain games as with the approach discussed in this piece.

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Written by:

Muzammil K

Muzammil K is the Marketing Manager at Aalpha Information Systems, where he leads marketing efforts to drive business growth. With a passion for marketing strategy and a commitment to results, he's dedicated to helping the company succeed in the ever-changing digital landscape.

Muzammil K is the Marketing Manager at Aalpha Information Systems, where he leads marketing efforts to drive business growth. With a passion for marketing strategy and a commitment to results, he's dedicated to helping the company succeed in the ever-changing digital landscape.