how to create user personas
2 March, 2022
How to Create User Personas for Successful Software Products

You will fail if you try to create software that will suit everything for all people. It's obvious with a savvy business. The unobvious thing is identifying the niche(S) you need to serve. After launching the popular CRM platform, HubSpot decided to focus on two targets to make user personas for each. One audience had…

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outsource product development
2 December, 2021
How to Outsource Digital Product Development

With the rise of rapid technological advancements, the entire technology sector has seen many companies incorporate more advanced features on websites and applications. Gradually, everything has developed to become more complex, and many organizations are…

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Product Development Strategy
21 July, 2021
How to Create a Product Development Strategy

Software development is one of the rapidly growing aspects of technology. The fact that everyone focuses on developing new software products is appreciable because it brings about an advancement in the products we use. However,…

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