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Fixed Price Vs Hourly Price IT Project
15 January, 2024
Fixed Price Vs. Hourly Price IT Project

Outsourcing in IT projects is one of the significant undertakings in countries. With these, there is a greater need to acquire the best workforce that provides convenient services at convenient costs. Offshore IT project outsourcing is common in countries like Ukraine, India, and the Philippines. However, a significant contention concerning IT project outsourcing lies in…

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Pricing Models for IT Staff Augmentation
28 November, 2023
Pricing Models for IT Staff Augmentation

Staff augmentation is among the well-known talent acquisition approaches among most institutions, companies, and even startups. It is the pivotal area of concern when hiring talents to take over specific roles and duties within the…

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Web3 Developer Hourly Rate
28 February, 2023
Web3 Developer Hourly Rate

Web3 is a novel development that bridges the distance between the blockchain and your browser, in which your identity is no longer tied to a specific platform. It employs a decentralized blockchain-based technology platform to…

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26 October, 2021
Node.js Developer Hourly Rate

Node.js is a good option for developers looking for a high-paying career. Although this popular JavaScript tool has been available for decades, the need for those, who can grasp it remains high. JavaScript has long…

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8 October, 2021
Time and Material vs. Fixed Price: What Works for Your Project?

Buying a pre-existing solution for your business isn't always. It lacks functionality or does not integrate properly with your tech stack. Maybe the market choices are limited, and you need custom software developed. You don't…

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outsourcing pricing models
8 July, 2021
How to Select the Best Outsourcing Pricing Model?

Whenever a load of different activities increases in a company, they usually go for outsourcing their projects. The choice of an appropriate outsourcing partner is itself a difficult task. After the outsourcing partner is chosen,…

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Outsourcing Web Development Pricing
16 February, 2021
Outsourcing Web Development Pricing Guide

Every company requires a website, but the major question is about creating it. When you take the work, you can feed in precious time while it can be incredibly expensive to hire and pay an…

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