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How to Prioritize MVP Features
19 January, 2024
How to Prioritize MVP Features in 2024 & Beyond

In the current world of ever-evolving product development and tech startups, coming up with a successful software product, particularly a minimum viable product (MVP), is a complex task involving critical decision-making at every phase. You need to come up with wonderful ways of managing ideas and technical and human resources. Current statistics imply that many…

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mvp development cost
29 May, 2023
MVP Development Cost & Features, Full Estimate 2024

The use of mobile apps is increasing as people find them convenient and easy. They have made life easier as you can do your shopping, pay utility bills, and even get medical advice from the…

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MVP Testing Best Strategies
10 March, 2023
MVP Testing Best Strategies

MVP (minimum viable product) testing helps you in terms of gauging the market's potential profits and interest. The main idea behind MVP is to efficiently engage your niche (or target audience) and then try to…

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10 May, 2022
Top Tips on How to Move your product from MVP to IPO

Converting business ideas to a product isn't a simple feat; it bears so many challenges and burgage. It especially gets tricky when the endeavor is by a startup company. Identifying an excellent idea isn't good…

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MVP Development Best Practices
24 January, 2022
MVP Development Best Practices

Developing software may be rather costly. Programmers may cost several hundred dollars per hour. This is a significant expenditure that many firms' research and development budgets struggle to handle. To make things worse, predicting the…

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2 November, 2021
Minimum Viable Product Checklist for Startups

Minimum viable product (MVP) development is a critical component of product development. While the MVP is not the final objective, it is a critical first step toward learning what you need to know about developing…

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30 September, 2021
Best Practices to Follow Startup MVP App Development

When you introduce a product to the market, it passes through four critical stages, depending on whether it is a success or a failure or if people gradually accept/reject it. If your product becomes an…

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Tech stack for MVP
9 September, 2021
Best Tech Stack for MVP Development

In creating a high-quality software product, the most crucial element is the range of technologies utilized. Isn't that so? High-end technology catalyzes the development of the specialized product and the services it offers to its…

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How to Build an MVP
11 January, 2021
How to Build a Minimum Viable Product (MVP) in 2024

New startups are rising nowadays. Due to tough competition in the market, most of them do not make it to the top. Therefore, users can only see successful startups. The reason most startups fail because…

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cost to build an API
25 December, 2020
How much does it cost to build an API in India?

API stands for Application Programming Interface, which is a software that allows two applications to communicate with each other. Each time one uses an app like Facebook, Instagram, or check the weather the phone, API…

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App Like Tik-Tok
4 December, 2020
How to Develop a Music App Like Tik-Tok

Music is an everyday need for people as it soothes the soul. There are many applications available for people to attain entertainment. Moreover, these are being developed with different features and updates which are user-friendly.…

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MVP vs. POC vs. Prototype
5 October, 2020
MVP vs. POC vs. Prototype Difference

If you are more into software development, there are few chances of missing out on these three terms: Proof of Concept(POC), prototype, and Minimum Viable Product(MVP) strategies.  The three methods are but ways of describing…

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