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19 December, 2023
Top Software Ideas for Startups in 2024 & Beyond

The thought of starting their own company is overwhelming to people. They are looking for various ways of adding value, spending their skills, and making big profits. Throughout the internet, there are numerous business ideas. The first consumer strategy fits with the first vision that has arisen lately. It should not only please the consumers…

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Cerner VS Epic Comparison
26 October, 2023
Cerner VS Epic Comparison

In the field of EHR, you will hear both Epic and Cerner as they play significant roles in varied ways. Both are platforms that offer seamless cloud-based solutions to enhance communication and customer experiences. It…

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Healthcare App Ideas
15 September, 2023
Healthcare App Ideas for Healthcare Startups in 2024 and Beyond

Technology advancement is one area that is growing at an exceptional rate. Many sectors are developing to extreme heights to enhance user experience. One of the sectors that are eyeing immense development is the healthcare…

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healthcare app development cost
20 July, 2023
Healthcare Mobile App Development Cost & Features

Medical facilities have become more costly around the globe and the demand for digital solutions is booming. The expense of developing a healthcare app is rising in lockstep with the rest of the market. In…

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Predictive Analytics in Healthcare
27 June, 2023
Predictive Analytics in Healthcare : Benefits

Healthcare practitioners have struggled for a long time to assist their patients in recovery. They have encountered constraints on several occasions because they are living, breathing humans with limited time, energy, knowledge, and resources. The…

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Practo like App Development
23 February, 2023
Practo like App Development and Cost

In this technologically evolved society, individuals rely on mobile applications. Therefore, creating an app for scheduling doctor's appointments has become crucial to people's lives. Several individuals dislike going to hospitals for treatment. This is why…

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Medical Billing Software
30 January, 2023
How to Develop a Medical Billing Software

Among the essential aspects of the health sector is the ability to manage medical transactions and costs. Therefore, different medical institutions are working effortlessly to ensure the simplification of the billing process. If the billing…

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Healthcare App Features
25 July, 2022
Features to Include in the Healthcare App

Recently we have seen several use cases of health care applications. However, a major use case that is observed is telehealth and telemedicine packages that helped several patients connect with healthcare experts through online consultations.…

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Healthcare Technology Stack
19 July, 2022
Healthcare Technology Stack 2024 and Beyond

What is a tech stack? A tech stack also known as a technology stack is a list of all the technology services used to build and run an application. This typically consists of the programming…

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11 July, 2022
Difference Between HL7 vs FHIR

HL7 is a collection of worldwide data-sharing standards intended to improve interoperability in healthcare. HL7 is a clinical messaging standard that facilitates the transmission of documents and healthcare messages between healthcare institutions in a safe…

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HL7 Integration Challenges
30 June, 2022
HL7 Integration Challenges

A single entity within the healthcare industry determines the standards for most clinical data. HL7 was established in 1987 to facilitate the interchange and retrieval of electronic health information. Currently, the association has over 1,600…

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Benefits of Artificial Intelligence in Healthcare
3 June, 2022
8 Benefits of Artificial Intelligence in Healthcare in 2024

The healthcare sector is ready for significant transformation. From chronic illnesses and cancer to radiography and risk assessment, the possibilities to use technology to provide more accurate, efficient, and effective treatments at precisely the appropriate…

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