micro frontend architecture best practices
27 January, 2022
Micro Frontend Architecture and Best Practices

Micro Frontend is a frontend web development technique based on Microservice Testing. The current tendency is to develop a robust and feature-rich web application on Microservice architecture. Over time, the Micro Frontend Architecture becomes integrated into the program; it is often built by a different team, expands in size, and becomes more challenging. How Does…

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How to become Angular developer
17 January, 2022
What to Learn to Become an Effective Angular Developer

Any simple application is as practical as any other complex application. However, it forms the basis or builds a ground to advance your application to a different level. Frontend development is a typical phase in…

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Re-evaluate Frontend Architecture
28 August, 2021
How to Re-evaluate Your Frontend Architecture

Frontend architecture is a collection of techniques and technologies that improve the code quality of your application. Additionally, it enables you to develop a productive, scalable, and sustainable workflow. By redesigning frontend architecture, you can…

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