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wealth management software development
14 March, 2024
How to Develop Software for Wealth Management

Today’s world is tech-driven. Among the top industries that benefit from the tech-driven world is the finance and wealth management. As a busy person with tight schedules every other day, it can be daunting keeping up with the personal financial portfolio. Imagine attending meetings, filing reports, handling work calls, and other related tasks. It could…

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flutter for fintech app development
21 February, 2024
FinTech App Development Using Flutter

The fintech industry is revolutionizing at a rapid speed. Many users now are embracing the idea of using banking and online applications to perform transactions and processes, unlike in the olden days. Developers, therefore, have…

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AI in Fintech
17 October, 2023
AI in Fintech and Its Use Cases

Artificial intelligence is one technology that is revolutionizing many sectors. In fact, many sectors have now improved their ways of operations, service delivery, and faster processes thanks to AI. The financial industry, for instance, has…

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Personal Finance App Development
23 August, 2023
Personal Finance App Development Guide

Technology has made it possible for people to trace their financial habits. For instance, the emerging trend of finance apps has made it possible for individuals to trace their expenses, optimize resources, and ensure they…

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Buy Now Pay Later App Development
24 June, 2023
Buy Now Pay Later App Development: Features & Cost

E-commerce is increasing. The deployment of its technology has exceeded projections for 2025. And one of the pandemic-fueled trends is Buy now, pay later (BNPL) services. As the world slid into an unprecedented economic crisis,…

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expense tracking app development
6 April, 2023
Expense Tracking App Development Cost and Features

Expense tracking is an essential part of personal finance management. People used to keep track of their spending with pen and paper. On the other hand, expense-tracking applications have made tracking spending easier thanks to…

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Web 3 in Finance
6 February, 2023
Web 3 in Finance – How Web 3 Benefits the Financial Sector

A wide range of new technologies is being developed to assist the internet as it expands. However, it is debatably correct to say that despite the progress made so far, the internet still hasn't attained…

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Expense Management Software
24 January, 2023
How to Develop an Expense Management Software

It is typical to come across several businesses and organizations that sometimes demand expenses. For instance, while working for a particular firm or office, you might need to purchase security services or office supplies, among…

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Benefits of Accounting Software
11 January, 2023
9 Benefits of using Accounting Software For Small Businesses

A business, whether large or small, should put in place effective measures to manage finances and related transactions. Managing finances for a business is significant as it determines the future of the business. Good finance…

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GDPR VS HIPAA Compliance Differences
3 January, 2023
GDPR VS HIPAA Compliance: What are the Differences?

For businesses dealing with software programs that process or deal with clients' personal information, privacy regulations are an issue of significant concern. As of the 21st century, most people in this industry acknowledge the simple…

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Difference between PC-DSS and PCI DSS
27 July, 2022
PC-DSS and PCI DSS – What are the Differences

Both the Payment Application Data Security Standard (PA-DSS) and the Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard (PCI-DSS) relate to regulations for firms to secure payment gateways and safeguard credit card information. PCI-DSS applies to all…

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integrate online payment into website
6 July, 2022
How to Integrate a Payment Gateway in Website

Any site you own eCommerce, eLearning, or booking one, the main priority will still be to ensure that your consumers are protected and that you provide them with an easy-to-use payment mechanism. The provider you…

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