AI Developer Hourly Rates
2 March, 2023
AI Developer Hourly Rates

The demand for AI developers is soaring as the artificial intelligence (AI) domain gains traction across industries. American companies are willing to pay between $91,000 and $145,000 per year (or even more) for AI developers and related positions due to the high level of expertise required in highly developed technologies like deep learning, data mining,…

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Artificial Intelligence Tools
31 October, 2022
Artificial Intelligence Tools and Types 

Artificial intelligence is no longer a fantasy but a reality that we are now living with. There is a lot to learn about it but this article aims to define it and look at some…

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Natural Language Processing in AI
21 October, 2022
Natural Language Processing in Artificial Intelligence

Natural language processing is just a part of the broad world of Artificial intelligence. It is an integral part of AI that many businesses have harnessed and are continuing to. Let’s further look into it…

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