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My name is Stuti Dhruv & I am senior consultant at Aalpha, primarily working on pre sales, consulting with clients on latest technology trends.
video communication

Importance of Video Communication for Remote Workers

Technology keeps advancing, gone are the days when communication with a person far away was through letters. Technology has made it possible for peoples to pass ideas via mobile phones. What is more attractive is that you can communicate with a person far away, yet you can still see the person. In the year 2020, […]

mobile app success

Factors Affecting the Success of Mobile App Development

Mobile application development has now become an essential area as the need for mobile applications that suits various needs is in demand.  A great background on mobile app development is, in most cases, a guarantee that wonderful and great apps will be created. But come to think of developing accessible apps that are encountered by […]

kotlin language

Importance of using Kotlin Language when Developing Android Applications

Java has consistently held the position of Google’s first and official programming language since the onset of Android app development. Currently, the place seems to have been grabbed by Kotlin. These sudden changes came into action when Google officially announced Kotlin as the official programming language for coding Android applications. The gradual adoption of Kotlin […]