Difference Between Azure DevOps and Bitbucket

Difference Between Azure DevOps and Bitbucket

One may choose from various alternative control systems when doing business in the market. Git and Mercurial are the two that have been discussed the most. Git has been given a full version on the market due to the vast feature set and configuration possibilities that it offers. This is even though Git is a solid solution for version control. Because of these possibilities, Git can be seamlessly implemented at any size without causing complications.

Any software development team should consider selecting the appropriate version control platform before beginning any project. This decision has to be resolved before work can begin on the development since switching to an entirely new venue during active product may be a laborious and time-consuming procedure. In addition to this, it is going to have a detrimental impact on the whole development process.

What is Azure DevOps?

Based on Microsoft Azure, DevOps is a DevOps platform with version control controlled by the Azure Repos service in DevOps.

Azure DevOps provides two services.

  • Azure DevOps Services powered by Azure.
  • Microsoft Team Foundation Server comes up with offline self-management options.

If you think of powering the pipelines at any scale, Azure DevOps is the best option, providing more reliance on Azure applications and the Microsoft ecosystem.

What is Bitbucket?

A mercurial-based platform started by Atlassian. Over time bitbucket has shifted to a complete Git-based platform.

Bitbucket offers two services.

  • A cloud-based solution.
  • A self-managed Data Centre based solution.

Difference Between Azure DevOps and Bitbucket.

Azure DevOps



Direct integration with Azure cloud and many other services offered by Microsoft.

Direct integration with Atlassian products which can be helpful in SDLC

Azure DevOps Server explicitly to implement Azure DevOps offline for man or woman developers or teams as many as five customers freed from rate.

Atlassian Open DevOps technique and the marketplace offer the potential to integrate with multiple 0.33-birthday celebration services and systems


People with their projects looking for unlimited free repositories

Especially for software developers to make a project more robust.

Platform Supported

Web based


iPhone app

iPhone app

Android app

Customers Support




Video tutorials


Bendy requirements Hierarchy control: Azure DevOps makes it smooth to song items together with feathers or epics as a flat list or as a hierarchy where you may track the parent-child relationship.

Bitbucket integrates well with other DevOps technologies, such as Jenkins, and workflow management platforms like JIRA.

Azure DevOps was designed to facilitate quick data entry to quickly capture work items while enabling detailed capture of acceptance criteria and item properties.

Highly proficient in managing code's security and compliance requirements, particularly during pull requests, merge requests, branching, etc.

Azure DevOps is best known for its integration with MS Excel, enabling quick updates for bulk items.

Highly proficient in managing code's security and compliance requirements, particularly during pull requests, merge requests, branching, etc.


Column sorting whilst in filtered states.

The code management UI is a piece of rugged round rims and is challenging to work with.

A way to reveal cross-group dependencies.

It is now not that easy to integrate third-party apps with different competitors.


Azure DevOps is a powerful, complicated cloud software. As such, there are more than a few factors it does high-quality and something wherein there is room for development. One of those regions might be usability. For my part, it relies too much on search. There is no smooth manner to view all tasks or logically group them. You want to search for the entirety.

Bitbucket's structure aches it more without problems scalable than different source code control repositories. Additionally, the administration and preservation of the instance may be very smooth. It integrates with JIRA and other CI/CD packages, making it extra beneficial to reduce the efforts. It supports more than one plugin, and people bring quite a few more capabilities. It will increase the overall performance and usability of Bitbucket.


Starting price is $2 per GB

Starting price $0

Basic plan: $7

Standard procedure: $0

Azure artifacts: $3

Premium plan: $4

Microsoft hosted pipelines: $42

Data Centre: $2000

Azure self-hosted pipelines: $16

Monthly plans:

Monthly plans:

Yearly plans:

Yearly plans:


The selection of a platform is not always as straightforward as the selection of a superior management tool. The majority of these technologies are now capable of supplying whole DevOps systems, which can potentially influence the power system development life cycle at any size. This capacity was formerly limited to essential model modification.

Bitbucket might be the right choice for you if you depend on Atlassian products, while Azure DevOps is the way to go if you work in an environment that Microsoft dominates. GitLab is an ideal alternative for a person looking for a single answer because of the considerable attention paid to creating a centralized DevOps platform.

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