Build or Buy Enterprise Software
31 January, 2022
How to Know Whether you Need to Build or Buy Enterprise Software

To accelerate the growth of a business, you have to invest in enterprise software to simplify the routine and repetitive chores. The right enterprise software will foster employee productivity and boost organizational agility. To build the right tech stanch optimal for business goals, you begin with deciding between buy and build. The building approach vs.…

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Microservices Architecture vs. Monolithic Architecture
29 January, 2022
Microservices Architecture vs. Monolithic Architecture

Microservices, which emerged only a few years ago, is a rapidly growing trend these days. Indeed, the microservices strategy provides concrete benefits such as increased scalability, flexibility, and agility, among others. Netflix, Google, and Amazon…

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20 November, 2021
Agile Vs. Lean Methodology for Your Business

About ninety-five percent of respondents worldwide (number of available respondents over forty thousand) prefer Agile DEV methodologies. But what exactly does Agile DEV methodology entail? And how can you utilize it to uplift your companies'…

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