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How Microservices Communicate with Each Other
10 February, 2024
How Microservices Communicate with Each Other

Every business and enterprise has its share of benefits from using microservices. However, Microservices will always be helpful to enterprises only if they can quickly and adequately communicate with each other. Proper communication between them makes it possible to reap its benefits to enterprises. This piece looks more into how microservices communicate. It is also…

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Client Server Architecture
30 January, 2024
Client Server Architecture: Key Components, Types, Benefits

Internet and computer networks are on the rise. Several models exist that aim to fulfill the needs of many businesses. And client-server architecture is one of the models. Client-server architecture is a famous design pattern…

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eCommerce Architecture
25 October, 2023
The Complete Guide On eCommerce Architecture

Online infrastructure is essential for every successful e-commerce venture. The architecture of an e-commerce platform is crucial. The venue a business employs to do e-commerce deals with fundamental features that impact performance and ultimately determine…

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Composable Architecture
1 September, 2023
Composable Architecture: Benefits, Use Cases & Challenges

As a business owner, you strive to remain on the top despite the ever-changing market dynamics and the competition facing the whole business sector. New technologies keep rising, and it is essential for all organizations…

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Kubernetes Architecture
13 March, 2023
Understanding Kubernetes Architecture and Its Use Cases

Kubernetes' popularity has increased dramatically since a few years back. This utility for container deployment is still gaining popularity among IT professionals because it is so secure and easy to use. However, knowing a tool's…

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Event Driven Architecture
27 January, 2023
The Guide to Event-Driven Architecture

There are several patterns and architectures used in software design. Event-driven architecture is one of these designs. Decoupled apps can concurrently publish and subscribe to events using an event broker, thanks to the architecture's trend.…

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MACH Architecture Benefits
10 January, 2023
MACH Architecture Benefits and Challenges

While the market status keeps changing for the better, consumer needs and wants also keep changing in the same line. This, therefore, pushes business setups to also change as a way of adapting to the…

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Web Application Architecture
9 January, 2023
Web Application Architecture : Components & How the Web Works?

Every developer has one ultimate goal, which is to create great apps that will meet the user's needs and requirements. As a result, the developer will need to apply tools to ensure they build reliable…

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Classification of Framework Architectures
20 September, 2022
The Primary Classification of Framework Architectures

The functionality of your website partly depends on the technology used in its implementation and majorly depends on the design used in development. Therefore, practical functionality lies in the design, which can also serve as…

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Multi-tenant Architecture in Microservices
20 July, 2022
Multi-tenant Architecture in Microservices

What are microservices? Microservices also known as microservice architecture, is an architectural pattern of software systems development that focuses on modules that are single-function and have well-defined operations and interfaces. It is a trend that…

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Clean Architecture Design Pattern
15 July, 2022
Clean Architecture Design Pattern for Modern Application Development

For some couple of past years, those in the software development field have seen several innovative activities come up. These activities have improved and made the software development process even easier. For instance, if you…

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Build or Buy Enterprise Software
31 January, 2022
How to Know Whether you Need to Build or Buy Enterprise Software

To accelerate the growth of a business, you have to invest in enterprise software to simplify the routine and repetitive chores. The right enterprise software will foster employee productivity and boost organizational agility. To build…

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