White-label SaaS Marketplace
10 March, 2022
Understanding White-label SaaS Marketplace

White labeling services for SaaS systems have risen in popularity over the previous decade. A business purchases white label software from a service provider and rebrands it as its own. The bulk of white label programs are offered through SaaS platforms, which allow for the leasing or licensing of the program's rights over a subscription…

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1 December, 2021
How to Build a Freelance Marketplace like Upwork

Now, freelancers are a force to be reckoned with. Their numbers are continually increasing, according to current statistics. The number of professionals operating independently in the United States has already surpassed 67.6 million. Businesses of…

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11 November, 2021
Marketplace UI/UX Design: Best Practices

When we go shopping, we first locate a marketplace for the items on our grocery list, both in-person and online. The growing popularity of internet buying has altered the way marketing and purchasing are conducted.…

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