SOC 2 Compliance Checklist 
4 January, 2023
SOC 2 Compliance Checklist 

When conducting any type of business in any industry, protecting customer information should be of significant importance. Due to this need for customer data security, organizations must comply with SOC 2 (System and Organization Control.) But what exactly is system and organization control compliance? And what do you have to do to achieve system and…

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Understanding IT Security and Its Relevance
23 May, 2022
Importance of IT Security and Its Relevance

Every year businesses make huge losses of billions resulting from cyberattacks. If you want to evade this risk, you need to consider IT security. Think about the horrifying situation that the Equifax executives were in…

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Challenges of digital transformation
13 April, 2022
Digital Transformation Challenges & Solutions 2023

Businesses in the current era heavily focus on increasing their efficiency to maximize profits. As everyone looks forward to generating heavier profits, the administrations focus on confronting digital transformation challenges. It, therefore, depicts that digital…

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