The young and thriving online commerce industry has opened new channels for connecting buyers, sellers, facilitators and impetus. With modest beginning by small businesses, fumbling their way through creating successful proof of concepts, today, e-commerce has taken over the offline channels. Connecting businesses and customers alike, the online commerce industry has fostered a dynamic and interactive landscape providing a perennial source of customer and supplier relationships.

The online commerce software development industry is at the intersection of digital economy and electronic businesses. They are future-ready business models which are set to transform the traditional approach of selling and doing business. However, not all online commerce companies are completely digital. On one hand we have completely digital companies, away from brick and mortar businesses, on the other, we have businesses which have online elements as a part of the greater business ecosystem.

The entire ecommerce landscape is being driven by advances in technology. This has been further facilitated by the Internet’s open architecture. The ways of doing business among manufacturers, distributors, wholesalers, service providers and end-users has transformed, challenging the traditional channels which dominated through the 20th century commerce. Not only products, but the information being churned out by online commerce companies is contributing to the overall industry knowledge and growth.

Role of Technology in Advancing Online Commerce Software Development

Technology is the key enabler for the online commerce industry. It is the key ingredient for creating “scalable” business models. Not only does it enable “scale”, it also brings efficiency and effectiveness in online commerce business.

For example, for companies selling plethora of products, technology forms the backbone by managing the entire ecosystem of sellers, inventory, logistics and planning. An essential part of the entire process and a huge chunk of companies repeat business thrive on customer’s data analytics.

Technology is an essential lever in providing insights on customer buying behavior to increase nurturing, engagement and relationship building and increase conversions and repeat purchase.

The online commerce business is all about personalized products, comparisons, price wars, heavy discounts and offers search and most importantly customer convenience. Technology helps achieve these objectives while keeping costs low and delivering superior experience.

Making use of in-depth analysis of a consumer’s buying and surfing habits, technology helps deliver personalized and customized offerings.

It also takes care of end to end commerce management, from streamlining payment processes and order management to cart management and delivery logistics. Technology takes care of the all round administration which includes vendor/merchant management, price discovery/determination and redressal of disputes/grievances.

The data captured at each step is saved in the system and can be pulled out at any point of time to tailor products, offers and services to the customer’s needs and buying behavior. Prescriptive and predictive analytics algorithms help in boosting company’s revenues whereas automation helps in improving productivity and reduces costs further.

Overall, technology is a necessity for gaining the competitive advantage in online commerce industry. If you don’t adopt, you will perish while your competitors take away your valuable chunk of customers. Technology aids faster time to market and quick customizations to help you be dynamic and adopt to the changes in the market in a matter of minutes. You can have a plethora of vendors from different geographies listed on your marketplace site, manage the stocks, get a view of what’s selling and what’s not , check for prices in real time and sync everything to your front end system easily, without much delay. This helps in realizing what will sell, when it will sell the best, who will buy and more insights.

Services at Aalpha India Online Commerce Software Development

At Aalpha India, we deliver cutting edge technology solutions for online commerce industry. Our ecommerce solutions are built on latest technology platforms like Magento, PrestaShop and SpreeCommerce. Our services are spread across web development, customization, cart development, payment gateway integration, responsive web development, order tracking, content management and relationship management. We ensure best practices in user experience design to deliver responsive web design with high on-page performance optimization, faster page load time, page fluidity and regular maintenance. Proper incorporation of needed features, simple navigation and precise tailoring in view of our client’s specific business objectives assure that our online stores deliver value to customers business. We firmly believe in timely delivery & cost-efficient solutions along with consistency and premium quality. Our dedicated team of professionals uses their experience in developing online stores and domain knowledge to build products customized to our client expectations. We have experience of developing solutions across industries like retail, healthcare, grocery, transport and much more. We specialize in plug-in & module development solutions for small and medium level enterprises.

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