The relentless advancements in digital technology have transformed industries breadth and height. The Media industry is no exception. From the way content is produced, delivered, and consumed, to the sources of revenue and profits, everything has undergone a complete transformation. Rapid evolution of previously existing technologies and the emergence of new tools in telecommunications and technologies from cable TV, satellites to fiber optics, CDs, and today, digital technology- have transformed the world into a global room.  Increased globalization and technological innovation combined with deregulation and the convergence of previously separate industries such as entertainment, communications, and consumer electronics has led to development of a completely new and dynamic media landscape.

Role of Information Technology in Media & Publishing Industry

Information Technology has an important role to play here. Advancements in IT have completely replaced the conventional mass media with complicated yet advanced media machinery. This has accelerated the growth of the media industry which is now stretching its arms and legs across the globe like never before.

This revolution in flow of information facilitates sending news and data to any corner of the world in a flash of seconds. Print, Broadcast, Electronic and Advertising Agency, News Agency and Films have become an integral part of the media industry- it’s all digital and it’s making the conventional print industry run for their money!

The new media landscape is very capable- be it composing, printing, diagrams, animation, large data storage, audio, video visuals or centralized newspapers, magazines publishing- everything is achieved using the advanced media machinery. Online newspaper editions have also become prevalent using advanced information technology machinery.

The advent of the internet has added cherry to the cake. With the worldwide web, the physical distances have disappeared. The world has been stitched together like never before. Not only this, the advent of mobile devices has completely given a new dimension to the world of media. Mobile has emerged as the leader as the primary platform for social and sharing and its usage still continues to rise.

The publishing and the broadcast industries have changed upside down. From an earlier delivery mechanism of live broadcast of scheduled television programming and daily printed newspaper for publishing, the distribution models have changed to digital formats with variations in time, scale and the type. The entire media business is passing through a massive disruption in content distribution.  A decade back, control over distribution of media/ information was the primary driver of the media model. Complex distribution methods dominated domains like printed material, radio and television while printing presses and distribution were seen as expensive channels. Also, with a limited bandwidth in radio and television spectrum and an expensive cable infrastructure, the media industry was using traditional high cost elements to sail through and breathe. Today, all these theories and practices have been challenged and transformed upside down with the use of advanced technology.

Is Technology a Concern or the Solution?

Technology has challenged and transformed conventional media time and again. Amazon disrupted the way people consumed content from books by introducing kindle. Similarly, the magazine, radio and video content space is slated for transformation as well.  Microsoft has also tagged the distribution of content to the living room via its Xbox using technology.  Apple has similarly created its own ecosystem of apps on the media space. Facebook, Twitter and social media are now beginning to disrupt discovery and distribution in their own ways – again using technology. As distribution channels get more fragmented yet open, technology will drive the way media is consumed and delivered. This is perhaps the reason why technology companies are increasingly taking on the media companies.

So do you need to be afraid of these technology companies? Is technology the cause?

No. Infact, technology is the solution!

Technology companies are not good at media. But media companies can be good at technology.

And at Aalpha India, this is what we do exactly!

Media & Publishing Software Services from Aalpha India

At Aalpha India, we help media companies bridge the vast gap between their executive leadership and understanding and adoption of technology. Advanced media software services/ solutions from Aalpha helps companies adapt to the rapid advances in the industry and quickly address the needs of the market while being agile and fast.

We have a team of qualified and certified experts who develop solutions which help you integrate all your channels for distribution on one platform and service information fast to a global audience.

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