The food and beverage industry needs advanced software and tools for its efficient management, delivery, manufacturing process, safe use, the arrangement of supply of digital recipes, etc. Our software company develops the necessary software and tools for accomplishing all the above aspects and many more.  Now let’s look at what solutions we provide in the food and beverage domain:

Food and Beverage Software Solution by us:

Food Product Development Software

We exquisitely design management platforms for effective treatment of the development of food & beverage products. The process of treatment is accompanied by units for R&D data management, ingredient alternative tracking, recipe development, weight management, yield scaling, and nutrition tracking. In addition to that, we also incorporate package development programs with 3D design software, all-embracing materials documentation, and decision support for different types of product including organic, frozen, and meat.

Food Production Management Software

Our team works relentlessly for the customized development of food manufacturing software accompanied by units for recipe and packaging advancement, content management, workflow optimization, and quality assurance. We are proficient to program F&B (food & beverages) manufacturing mechanisms for cloud (SaaS), on-premises, hybrid, and mobile platforms. Whatever food production management systems that we develop are programmed through the help of multi-tiered supported protocols, batching competence, deviation tracking mechanisms, and top-notch cost analysis software.

Food Manufacturing ERP Systems

Through the integration of manufacturing, distribution, marketing, accounting, and CRM systems, we are capable to offer comprehensive Food and Beverage based ERP software solutions. This is done to enhance the production workflows. Besides, we also develop flexible Materials Requirement Planning (MRP) programs that are easily interfaced with inventory and tracking systems. The inventory and tracking systems also include embedded sensors and RFID. The intention behind this development is to upkeep supply chain visibility, mechanize the process of purchase orders, and delineate production schedule.

Food Industry Supply Chain Management

The F&B supply chain management systems from us are specifically designed for fulfilling the particular requirements of food and beverage manufacturers. In this way, we present an all-inclusive, instant analysis of raw materials, food ingredients, and many other components present in the supply chain. We also incorporate distribution management programs accompanied with seller and courier systems to effortlessly predict the demand, prioritize orders, plan the deliveries, and manage chargebacks.

How our Food and Beverages Ordering Apps are unique?

Irrespective of the type of the business, the food & beverage industry has gained advantages from the increased use of smartphones and mobile gadgets, and the food drink apps. We intuitively design food and beverage ordering apps, keeping in mind elegant design, easy-to-use user interface, reduced time to market, necessary notifications, precise display of recipes and menus, etc. Below points highlights the unique specialty of our food and beverages ordering apps:

  • Separate and easy-to-use sign-up and a login area for the customer
  • A functional and appealing platform for availing the finest ordering experience
  • A complete list of local restaurants
  • Options to leave reviews/feedback after the accomplishment of order
  • Myriad of options for effortless payments through credit cards or e-wallets
  • Facility of Push notifications during festivals to present hot deals
  • A well-designed and clear menu of food and beverages
  • Quickest home delivery services to avail food and beverages right at doorways

Unlike the restaurant apps which allow customers a simplified approach to search restaurants, book tables, create orders, and assign reviews, our food and beverages apps extend from digital recipe books to the precise food tracking for dieters. Our app incorporates tons of features like a simplified way to save recipes or quickly prepare a shopping list for the meals. Our sole intention is to present an outstanding user interface and valuable features to streamline the entire process.

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