Inspired by technology and driven by pedagogy, the education industry has turned upside down. Boundless connectivity with the help of internet penetration, development of ICT devices, better access, convenience and flexibility to learners is shaping the future of this industry. Plethora of technology platforms such as SaaS, mature open source infrastructure, standard browser access, RIA such as Silverlight, Flash, WebRTC and AJAX are at the forefront of bringing about this change in the education sector.

IT has facilitated speedy, effective communication of information with increased co-operation and teamwork across the globe. As the world realizes the importance of technology in bringing about change, and as people advance and build their skill sets, developments in information technology will change the way the education is delivered and consumed.

We, at Aalpha India, are pioneers in Education Software Development, e-learning and online training solutions- whether synchronous, asynchronous, instructor-led or computer-based or a combination. Our custom e-Learning software & product development is available across both classroom education & workplace training and across all media like Delivery, internet, intranet, on CD/DVD, wireless on Campus. We provide our solutions in form of multimedia, flash demos, interactive simulations, white board stories, net meeting tools, audio video streaming/broadcasting, webinar etc.

How IT is Transforming Education Software Development?

With information technology, groups now need not be stationed in one place – students can walk into virtual classrooms and connect with the best tutors and fellow classmates from across the globe for live interactions and feedback. Not only students, but teachers can collaborate to share their ideas and resources with the tutor community online. All this is instant and helps meet the shortcomings of their work, and provide their students with the best. This has led to the efficient handling, processing, resonance and administration of educational institute’s resources and enhanced the practice of teaching.

e-Learning and training forms the core of an organization’s employee development. It supports knowledge sharing across multiple channels- mobiles, tablets, computers etc.; over the Internet or via intranet, integrated with your tutoring, learner support and management processes. Having grown at an outstanding pace, this platform is gaining popularity amongst all channels – schools, organizations, training centers etc.

Online learning helps students have access to career information. Transparency and availability of resources helps make informed decisions. It also provides the ease of learning at one’s own pace.

With online learning, students can now develop valuable research skills at a young age. Abundance of quality information in an easy to use compact environment leads to learning at much quicker rates than before.

Online learning has created a repository of resourceful, credible websites available on the Internet that both teachers and students can utilize. This becomes further beneficial with the addition of the Internet, providing a variety of knowledge and opinions.

Aalpha’s Services in Education Web Development

At Aalpha India, we help organizations ride this transformation wave through custom e-learning solutions, tutoring aids and tools, Education Software Development, learning module management, distance learning and enterprise portal on platforms like Liferay, Alfresco, Moodle, etc…

Our range of e-Learning services includes:

  • Custom e-Learning Software Product development
  • Design, Development and Maintenance of online courses
  • Development of Learning management Systems (LMS)
  • Development of Digital Learning Games
  • Education Software Development
  • Multimedia- This includes
    – Web casting / web streaming
    – eBook Development
  • Learning Content Management system
  • Virtual Class Room development
  • Online Assessment Tools designing and development
  • e-Learning Consulting
  • Tools for facilitating collaboration
    – Learning teleconferencing
    – Online meetings
    – White board development
    – Project management
  • Development of Scenario Design and Simulation tools
  • Assignment Submission
  • Digital Storytelling
  • Development of Student Administration Systems

Applications of our e-Learning and Online Training Solution

  • Corporate/Organizations/Multi National Companies (MNCs)
  • Universities & Colleges
  • Schools
  • Training Institutes
  • Distance Learning Programs
  • Learning Oriented Websites

At Aalpha India, we partner with our customers to understand their needs and deliver real outcomes which make a business impact. Our solutions ensure that our customers’ investment in their employees is justified by challenging them to take risks and experience consequences within a safe, online learning and training environment. From small simulations to scenario based software training- our web based, easy to implement solutions span across all varieties depending on our client’s needs and budgets. It eliminates all geographical barriers reinforcing collaboration and opens up a broad horizon of learning, discussions and cross cultural interactions.

Come and partner with us to experience the difference for Education Software Development!

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