It is true that growers of all sizes need to face the challenge of higher yield from limited resources. The global labor shortages are demanding higher levels of automation. We possess skill in AI and Machine Learning that enable us to adopt new methods to predict yields in a better way. Moreover, we adopt advanced technologies to enhance the forecasting.

Solutions We Provide for Agriculture:

Agro Software Solutions

We are a one-stop solution for agri tech software solution. We develop embedded software for agricultural drones, farm management systems, IoT and Big Data solutions, process simulation applications, and several other agri tech products to enhance business performance.

Remote Assistant Solutions 

We work relentlessly to create valuable solutions that offer remote assistance for the field workers, as well as, troubleshooting teams who function in the field of agriculture.

Field Monitoring Software

Since our team is skilled in the agri tech software domain, it presents latest field analysis solutions focused on GIS, IoT data and AR technique that offers instantaneous mobile access to the crucial field information.


In addition to agriculture software solution, we also provide service of gamification of farmer-participatory precedence setting in the tasks related to plant breeding. Moreover, we also provide gamified training & simulation for valuable knowledge attainment and relevant solutions to enhance the safety attentiveness. 

3D Modeling & Measurements 

For agriculture managers, precise remote geo landscape measurements are vital. Therefore, we provide interactive visualization solutions for accomplishing the task.

Drone Field Analysis Solutions

It is usually found that a drone is an effective tool for gathering and inspecting data from fields. In precision agriculture, drones or unmanned aerial vehicles (UAVs) are recognized as the contemporary adaptation in precision agriculture. Our team is qualified to develop a customized drone oriented BI-system. You may need the drone to create a 3D map of the crop, utilize sensors to identify the quality of a crop or squirt pesticides on the crops. For all these requirements, our agri software solutions are the best.

Farm Accounting Software

Our experts configure third-party accounting software including Quickbooks and Quicken. Moreover, they propose custom farm accounting mechanisms to predict the price of goods vended and other metrics.

Use of Drone technologies for Agriculture

It is certain that the use of specialized tools for the purpose of drone field analysis is considered as one of the major services for the farming-based firm. Our customized agritech solutions assist farmers to survey crops with a high level of precision. Furthermore, our robots identify threats and spot weak spots through the use of drone mapping software.

Data Analytics and Insights

We assure you that now the data gathered in the fields would not be lost. Our experts develop agritech data analytics software which works to collect, save and survey data produced by sensors, drones, and many other devices. In addition to that, we also use different algorithms encompassing AI and machine to collapse raw numbers and access breakthrough insights.

Scalable Agritech Solutions to Enhance the Efficiency

For precise predictive analysis and process optimization, while farmers work at the farms, we assist you to use the data. Our scalable agritech solutions assist logistics, cattle management, procurement, and more. Apart from that, we hold profound experience in developing customized CRM software for different industries.

Why Choose Our Agritech Solutions?

Our technically intensive, commercially focused teams explore innovative solutions to face farming challenges. We lay emphasis on commercializing the technology, generation of powerful and handy products/services that prove to be economically feasible for large-scale agricultural deployment. The plus point is that our skill in robotics is greatly improving the automation of harvesting, and this allows growers to reap more benefits with fewer inputs.

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