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Bausch + Lomb is a world wide leader in manufacturing eye health products, like contact lenses, lens care products, medicines and implants for eye diseases. Bausch + Lomb designs, develops, manufactures and sells critical medical devices and products through their vast sales distribution network to major international companies in the healthcare industry worldwide. Bausch + Lomb was facing problems with their sales network with regards to capture orders and they approach Aalpha to develop a web & mobile application for their sales resp & managers.


We received a contract for developing a friendly client-facing and robust order capturing/ management system for their eye health products. Business consulting experience helped us in identifying fluent process flow required for business ease and improved efficiency. We designed a Web & Mobile based application which allows for managing workflow processes across the lifecycle of an order placed online/ offline & through distributors. The new system streamlines order management activities among account, inventory, sales and logistics management teams with the company. The web system processes and validates orders, organizes efficient online billing, and initiates logistics notices automatically. Sales reps & managers have different level of access and user roles within the application. The system also allows customers to track their orders in real time. All the data syncs real time with web and mobile apps.

  • User friendly UI Design
  • Customization Dashboard for Reps & Managers
  • Quickbooks integration
  • Customer management
  • Customized order forms based on client needs
  • Order information & history
  • Inventory & Stock level management
  • Shipping rate calculation in real time
  • Order tracking in real time
  • 3rd party shipping API integration
  • Product database management
  • Ordering processing & workflow management
  • Warehouse API integration
  • Sync of data between web & Mobile apps
  • Logistic management integration

PHP, MySQL, Bootstrap, HTML5, iOS SDK Swift, Java Android SDK


Customer reports excellent streamline of its customer interface and order capturing/ processing, with reduced inventory costs. Managing their representatives all over USA, order acceptance and tracking anywhere and anytime, overall and constituent account management and administration control over the entire process have now become easier for the customer. The cost of maintaining applications is almost reduced by 40%.

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