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About the Client

Our client is a South Africa based company. The client approached us with a vision of creating an end to end SaaS based sales management solution for day to day business activities for FMCG companies to collect & manage their orders.


The client underwent aggressive business expansion across South Africa. However, they were unable to manage their sales force and match the scale due to lack of tools and solutions. The client was unable to maintain internal staff database like sales representative database, their assigned province and areas, tracking client orders and setting up and monitoring financial and non-financial targets to sales representatives across their different stores. Excessive paperwork, lack of manpower and limited funds became roadblocks to the client’s growth plan.


Aalpha devised a dedicated B2B SaaS system supporting 360 degree sales management called Magnetic Field Force. With the help of this website, the client can manage day to day business activities and distribute work in a paperless format. Clients, sales representatives, managers and roles can be created easily and orders can be tracked and managed to generate revenues. By stitching sales database management and business operations together, the solution powers efficiency and growth into the business. The solution also facilitates intelligent decision making by providing reports on orders generated, sales rep. visits to different stores, sales targets created by managers and track of targets completed by different sales rep.


The solution was developed on Java, JSP, Struts, AnjularJS, Bootsrtap, HTML5, Android for Mobile Phone App.


The solution supports end to end sales management by:

  • Creating and Monitoring the clients created by company user
  • Creating and tracking sales representative activities based on different region and sales area allotted to sales representative
  • Creating and tracking stores in different region and areas and these stores are shared amongst all the clients and company users
  • Generating reports based on financial and non-financial targets like orders and store visits placements.

The solution streamlines business activities for all stakeholders in the following ways:

Administrators can…

  • Create users for the company
  • Monitor the clients, stores, sales rep, orders maintained by the company user
  • Generate reports based on overall clients created, stores created, sales representative created and assigned etc.

Clients can..

  • Monitor the sales representative assigned to his business by company (in case of full service)
  • Create & monitor the sales rep, stores, and all activities of sales rep (in case of persona service)
  • Create managers based on different province and assign managers to create their own financial and non-financial targets to achieve sales
  • Manage the orders received and maintain different status of orders as received, pending, process, cancelled, shipped and delivered
  • Monitor orders and store visits in terms of financial and non-financial targets
  • Generate reports of sales and visits  based on daily, monthly or yearly calendar

Sales Representatives can..

  • View their province and area
  • View their clients
  • View and monitor their targets (financial as well as non-financial)
  • Create new stores in their area
  • Create orders from different stores

M anagers can..

  • View the province assigned to his/ her account
  • Monitor sales representatives assigned under his/ her account
  • Monitor orders generated by sales representative based on different areas and stores
  • Generate financial and non-financial reports

Users can..

  • Create the client account under their area of work
  • Create a personal account for client with number of sales representative account to maintain their own business activities
  • Create and share stores with other company users in the systems
  • Create and manage sales representative based on different province and area allotted with stores
  • Generate reports based on the sales orders received from different sales representatives, financial and non-financial targets created and completed.

With Magnetic Field Force, the client is now able to manage daily sales related functions across multiple stakeholders- sales representatives, clients, managers, administrators etc. This leads to enhanced customer satisfaction and increased revenues by supporting faster growth. Paperless approach reduces operational costs and increases profitability. Employee productivity is enhanced with use of technology. Advanced analytics support helps in making better decisions. Client is now considering to develop iOS app for the easy of access on the go.

This positions Aalpha as an industry leader in delivering innovative solutions within timelines and to the client’s budget.

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