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A popular mass-market Internet based company in Turkey, Istanbul operating tours in all major cities of Turkey. with a large cluster of websites – both large and small – client used lot of vendors to develop websites and the websites were developed using different content platforms mainly open source & few were custom made which was causing major problems to maintain and update regularly, client wanted to develop a centralized CMS that serves a growing online visitor base from USA, Europe & Asia, wanted an automated yet simple to use content management solution deployed to manage the content serving and customer base with multi-lingual support 5 languages mainly English, Turkish, French, Spanish, Japanese.


Aalpha Information Systems streamlined Customer’s content management, aggregation and maintenance systems by deploying Business and Consumer portals with highly robust custom content management system to streamline all the websites with a single database and backend. Functionality was detailed out along with client’s small in house IT team and implemented to maximum effect in the websites/ portals. A website testing tool was also developed. Multi-lingual support along with workflow, versioning, 27 in-built controls, Content Staging and on page SEO were also incorporated. Solution Scope:

  • Complete re-engineering of CMS includes detailed requirements gathering
  • 22+ domains integrated into single platform
  • Creation of super-templates and templates for numerous homepage & channels
  • Creation of templates for libraries, components etc.
  • Integration of CMA with third party content feeds
  • Multiple payment gateway integration
  • SMS gateway integration
  • Administration section with sub user previlages
  • Designed support for user authentication and access control through an LDAP server
  • Creation of a migration path for future software upgradation
  • High performance & scalability
  • Intuitive admin dashboard
  • Modern, Clean mobile friendly design
  • Easy to use content dashboard for managers & editors
  • Full template engine, for quick look change without changing a line of content or coding
  • SEO friendly URL’s
  • Admin management with multi language support
  • Content hierarchy & approvals before posting new content
  • Workflow and approval process
  • Multi site support
  • Online marketing tools
  • Social media API integration

Ruby on Rails, Grails, PostgreSQL, Angular.js, Bootstrap, HTML5, JavaScript


A tedious project to begin with, but Aalpha’s rapid application development schedules saw deployment in around 3 months. Highly notable is the completely offshore development with a small team size. No project overruns with completion to customer satisfaction. Costs savings of almost half achieved as a result of offshore development reported, with maintenance and control of web portals now significantly easier. Customer reports great benefits in application portability and flexibility.

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