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Large enterprise in New Zealand required an Intranet portal to centralize control over its data resources and provide a communication system for its employees to access the vital reports and social networking. Having spent several years implementing new dashboard systems at many levels based on burgeoning employee or department needs, It sought to maximize return on these systems. It required a better leverage of the inherent knowledge base and an efficient collaboration paradigm and easy to use Solution that is easy to maintain without blowing the budget.


Aalpha realized what the customer needed was a single, rationalized enterprise solution that delivers the significant benefits of an effective intranet portal system. We set to work by instituting an analysis and rationalization study of the various disparate information systems across departments and employee clusters. Reengineering the confusion to unify intent and functionality required identifying redundancies in data, process and information flow, as well as establishing the content standards, storage and retrieval efficiencies and simplified front-end logic. With deep understanding of various platforms and technologies driving it, Aalpha provided project management, technology architecture consulting, and comprehensive systems design to develop a singular intranet solution that encompassed the versatile needs of the organization.

  • Centrally managed administration with sub admin user privileges
  • Robust document indexing & search capability
  • News feed & user content generator
  • Profile management
  • Job board management
  • Highly secure document & content management system
  • Sharing and Collaboration between different level of users
  • Chat and Video conferencing system developed with WebRTC
  • Social Networking Features like posting updates, chat, uploading images, videos, etc…
  • Forum, Commenting & private groups capability.
  • Ideation and Innovation management
  • Information discovery and Smart search capability with Elastic Search
  • Highly Intuitive User Experience & User Interface Design
  • Optimized for all mobile devices

PHP, MYSQL, Laravel Framework, HTML5, Angular.js, Jquery


Aalpha’s avowed program of partnering with every customer led to a premier corporate intranet/ dashboard development effort, which garnered acclaim and growing patronage from customer’s employees across the world. The intranet today delivers smooth, seamless coordination between the various departments with excellent response times. It is addressing efficiently the information and communication needs of employees ensuring improved productivity. Innovative Collaboration is now the leading buzz word and the customer reports superior conformity to quality standards and excellent return on investment.

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