The financial services industry has been witnessing revolution for long. From traditional pen-paper based processes to automated systems like computers and now mobile and cloud- the change has been perennial to this sector. Be it banks, brokerage houses, loan institutions, non-banks, credit unions or any other category of financial institution- all have gone through a wave of radical transformation. As organizations continue to tread upon the path of changing customer needs, evolving product requirements, changing regulatory landscape, ever growing competitors and rapid advancement of technology, financial institutions need to have best of breed technology solutions to adapt to the changing market dynamics.

The financial services industry is looking at a three pronged agenda:

  • Deliver enhanced customer experience to win market share
  • Reduce associated credit and business risk
  • Achieve operational efficiency to drive profitability

Challenges and Opportunities for Financial Services and Insurance Industry

Making quick yet careful decisions and managing large scale of operations with help of limited resources is the area of focus at the moment. As financial institutions witness huge opportunities, they are leveraging technology to quickly take advantage and scale, while being profitable. This has led to the adoption of advanced tools and technology available in the market and helped institutions to provide fast, responsive service to their clients while offering more services, more communication and more value in less time.

Again, as global financial market continue to be highly volatile with movements going up and down in the blink of an eye, it has become imperative for these institutions to not waste time and make quick decisions! At Aalpha India, we build financial software development application solutions and other IT supports to help financial institutions deal with such difficulties with sheer courage.

Not only this, but regulatory authorities keep bombarding the market with new regulations for driving growth and consumption in the economy. Financial institutions face the challenge of adapting to these regulations to be able to operate in those markets. They key lies in being agile and adapting to these situations as quickly as possible. With financial software development services from Aalpha India, financial institutions can let go off such worries and relax while we make sure that your business is equipped with all regulatory weapons to attack the market and go bullish!

While revenue and scale are important, so is cost and security! Organizations are increasingly driven by the motto of achieving operational excellence- cutting down operational costs like expenditure on stationary, manpower costs through automation and increasing efficiency and productivity of their employees and resources. At the same time, customer data is confidential and needs to be secured.

Financial Institutions are leaving no stone unturned to outdo their competitors. In the face of increasing options online and the rise of fintech competitors, financial institutions are in danger!

In the last 2 years, the investments in fintech organizations have moved up by more than 300%. Not only are fintechs targeting every segment of a financial institutions operations, they are targeting the creamy layer of their customers- the ones which deliver maximum profits!

What’s their secret sauce? That’s technology!

So do financial institutions need to fear fintechs?

They need not. Instead what financial institutions need to do is adopt technology- do what fintechs are good at!

At Aalpha India, we bring the best of financial software development tailored to the needs of financial institutions. Years of domain expertise and experience in the financial services domain has helped us build world class winning products for our customers. With financial software development solutions from Aalpha India, our customers have transformed their business to beat competition and scale and grow like never before!

Experienced Services for Financial & Insurance Software Development Services from Aalpha India

We have experience in successful implementation of state of art technology solutions like Financial Planning &Insurance Policies Management, Community Banking Solution, Wealth/Asset Management Systems with Portfolio Measurement and analysis and solutions for brokerage firms, brokers, financial planners and famous private banks.

Our solutions portfolio includes:

  • Development of enterprise wide client-server applications
  • Insurance Software Development
  • ERP & CRM Systems
  • Web based managed services
  • Custom Applications for business process improvement
  • Mobile computing services/ Mobile banking
  • Real-time market data services
  • Development of vendor interface to the systems

Our services span over the entire spectrum of SDLC- this ranges from Market Research and products survey, detailed onsite requirement analysis feasibility study, business process understanding and transformation, design and integration with existing legacy systems, development and integrated testing for insurance software development companies.

We have experience of working across:

  • Data warehousing, CRM and remote banking solutions
  • Migration of legacy applications
  • Development of kiosk software for Self serve
  • Fraud protection and monitoring
  • Banking and finance management with Personalized dashboards

Aalpha India is a pioneer in the field of providing insurance software development services to financial institutions for their business needs. Our team of experts are highly qualified and certified with in-depth expertise and years of experience in this industry. This helps us in understanding client requirements better. We not only build products, we work with our clients to provide them expert consulting services and tell them the need of the future! At the same time, we are completely driven by the objective of helping financial institutions in achieving cost-efficiency and scalability.

Come and partner with us to feel witness the difference!

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