Serverless Database
Muzammil K 23 January, 2023
Serverless Database: Everything You Need to Know

Working on a new project as a developer imposes more responsibility on you to make wise decisions, particularly about the strategy you should employ for backend development. First, you must establish the database you'll utilize for the entire development process. There are several database options for software or web development, but a serverless database combines…

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Video Editing App Development
20 January, 2023
Video Editing App Development Features and Cost 

Smartphones have simplified many aspects of our lives, including photography and video editing. The emergence of great video editing applications for iOS and Android devices has made video editing effortless. Therefore, there is no longer…

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What is Collaborative Design
19 January, 2023
What is Collaborative Design Guide

Working with several design specialists to plan and develop a specific product or service is known as collaborative design. This activity is always operational in person or online and includes participants from many business sectors.…

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