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impact of global recession on the tech industry

The Impact of Global Recession on the Tech Industry 2023

Several credible sources of information on economic matters are revising their forecasts and predicting a global recession in response to the growing difficulties faced by businesses. Consequently, markets and financial institutions are becoming more cautious. As the cost-of-living increases, many are concerned. Here, we will investigate how experts foresee a global recession affecting IT expenditure. […]

Software Development Market Statistics

Software Development Market Statistics

Are you on the career journey to become the next best software developer? Well, you will need to read this article to the end. Among the rapid-growing careers is the software development field. This is because of the ever-advancing technology and the high demand for automated services in different sectors. This implies that top software […]

recession proof products to sell online

Recession-Proof Products You Can Sell Online

It’s hard to do away with a recession. When recession knocks in, many people get affected, especially those in businesses. Recession does not only affect business people, but the economy at large, employment opportunities, real income, industrial production, and overall sales. As a result, it becomes difficult to put up with the financial challenges and […]